Everyone can make Jell-O right? It is the first lesson in Home-Ec and if you fail you are kicked out for life. I assumed I had the skills to copy the office gag and put Greg’s stapler in Jell-O. When it first plopped out of the container it looked like a success. That is until a small fault line began to tremor. Soon a gap had formed over the stapler and then more sections fell away… It was a slow demise; literally, it took minutes to go from smooth to the mess you see above. (Don’t worry I am reattempting the project… try, try again.) 

I imagine this is how they felt in the garden. All the rumors of greatness seemed to prove true with that first bite, they would be as wise as God. Then, slowly, something changed. Slowly fear entered their lives. They had knowledge, but it fueled the realization that they had rejected their one protector. So they hid, hoping their melted world would return to normal…  

and then God came… The brilliance of Scripture, the story of salvation, is encompassed in Genesis 3:8 – we failed the first lesson, the easiest project, but His coming signifies there is HOPE! 

Unfortunately we still live in a world of fear. From the Garden, or our dreams where we are naked in front of everyone, to questions of what will happen after we die. Our sin has separated us from God, separated us from our Protector. Yet, salvation has come. In Christ we are able to live in the love of God. The love that drives out our fear, because the Protector has promised to come for us ~ Check out 1John 4:16-18.


This whole month we are talking about fear and I want to know what scares you. Your answers will become the topics for the coming weeks! So please leave a comment on what frightens you the most! 

2 thoughts on “Fear…

  1. The demise of the stapler gag, what a catastrophe! I have recurring nightmares about my teeth getting shattered, but snakes (especially on a plane) are my deepest fear.

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