try try again…


 I am sure the demise of the first Jell-O creation, with it’s slow motion tremors is now legend. But really the legend only begins with the orange failure. While Ivy tasted the fruits of blundering, I was on my way to Kroger to buy more Jell-O, and Megan was boiling water. The story could have ended in failure; instead, the tale concludes in glory—the pastor laughed and was surprised with the Office prank (which is about as much glory as a youth minister can want!)…

Something you have to love about Jesus, about God, is His determination. Throughout scripture God is coming to us, from the first moments after sin in the garden to the most radical event of the incarnation. When He comes our answers are always confused and selfish, “the woman you gave me…” (Genesis 3:12) But still the Creator and Protector will come again and again… trying to win us over, hoping for a moment our blind eyes will see. And sometime we do. We love our neighbor as our self, to the glory of God… which is as much glory as He wants. 

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picture11.jpg      picture10.jpg      picture9.jpg

picture4.jpg  picture8.jpg  picture5.jpg

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