Mystery Dinner


Keith Burrow, legendary assistant music minister, has finally completed his greatest composition, “All Hogs go to Heaven”. A song designed to thrill the Christian Motorcycle Rally which is holding its annual meeting at the church tomorrow. As the title reveals the lyrics of the song pay homage to the Harley every true biker rides. This beautiful work is the main reason 50,000 grisly bikers and biker babes (also grisly) have choose our church for their yearly rally.

Unfortunately tonight, while a biker and his tattoo artist were wed, the brilliant composer was kidnapped. We are not sure who would commit such a heinous crime, but we know that if the bikers don’t get to hear “All Hogs go to Heaven” tomorrow … well, the church will be as tattooed as the bikers.

 Why someone would want to take Keith, we don’t know. But we do know the crime was committed in our own church. We also know that the best way to overpower Keith is through food. Finally, we know that the criminal sits among us… one of you has kidnapped Keith. Now must find out who…

Click on the pics below to view full size.

md1    md2    md3

md4    md5    md6

md7    md8    md9

md10    md11

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