turning pink…


While on a visit to Wal-Mart I realized I had to go to the bathroom, I am sure it had to be the Mexican food speaking spanish to my english intestines. So I hurried to the front of the store, into the bathroom, and took a seat. Almost instantly someone else entered the bathroom, and I could hear his shoes clicking aross the floor. The click was strange, and I realized when I caught a glimpse of his feet outside the door that a GIRL was in the guys bathroom! She knocked on my door… In my head I was screaming, but I managed a mumbled, “just a sec”. What was she thinking coming in the Men’s room, but as this thought was going through my mind I turned and saw a strange box hanging from the stall wall. As I looked closer, I suddenly realized the box was for femine hygene products… I was in the GIRLS BATHROOM.

Panic set in and I raced out as quickly as possible. When I walked out the door, two little boys were standing outside. They both looked at me then at the sign on the door and began to laugh… No matter how old you are it never feels good to be laughed at.

In the garden the devil’s snare encompassed Adam and Eve, and immediately they felt embarrassed. The great knowledge they gained from the fruit only made them feel inadequate. They needed clothes to cover up who they were and ever since we have been seeking others approval for self-worth and turning pink when we come up short. We literally allow others to dress us, to feed us, to spend our money. Rather than living out our lives, we become a blank slate for others to write. A silhouette for others to design.

Now you have heard we should stand up, become your own person. But we were not designed to be self-approved. This is why it hurts when people laugh at us or why we wear the clothes in which our friends compliment. It is not something we can get over, we need approval from the outside.

What was lost in the garden has been reestablished by Christ. Adam and Eve were fully approved by God, they had no fears, no reason to be embarrassed. They were living in the calling of God, and in his approval they found thier worth. In the same way, if we will love the one who loved us first, then we will have God’s approval. Only in the Creator’s approval will we be able to find our true self. Only in His embrace will we fill in the silhouette of our life’s calling.

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