Church Monster…


Like the baby boomers and gen-x’ers, your generation will someday be given a name and I imagine it will  probably be the Ritalin generation. This is not because your generation is more hyper than the ones before, but simply because your generation is the first to be given drugs-lots of drugs-to counteract ADD. In reality every generation has people with ADD, take the example of Jay Frye or for that matter me! Even today I have trouble sitting still and if you are next to me during a message you will see me doodling away on the bulletin. This past Sunday I was scribbling and came up with an imagine perfect for Fear Month, the church monster. Now I am just a good doodler, so I challenge all of our artists to create a better church monster. You must use our steeple, but there are no other rules. The winner will be awarded a prize and their masterpiece will become the image for the night when Greg speaks (24th). It will be a evening to discuss how scary the church can become!

Must be turned in by next Sunday, the 21st!!!!

Click here to get the image of the steeple:  steeple pdf

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