Our Show

Spoiler Alert… if you have not seen the Truman Show I am about to ruin the ending, so go and watch it, then come a read 

In the brilliant ending to the Truman Show we watch Truman (Jim Carey) sail his boat away from the home he has lived his whole life, really never left. As he travels away he literally sails into the horizon, his boat crashing through a wall painted to look like the sky! This climatic event brings an end to the Truman Show, which was a live 24/7 television program broadcasting the life of Truman. Of course Truman did not know he was a star, he only thought he was living life. A life with actors pretending to be his friends, mom, dad, even wife. Everything was staged, but all was safe. The troubles of the world did not invade the town of Safe Haven.  Yet when Truman discovered the truth he chose autonomy-the chance to choose his own destiny.

   As we move to the final night of our Phobia series, once again we look toward the Garden. It was a safe haven for humanity. A place without fear, embarrassment, or death (as we spoke about the last three weeks). Unlike Truman, who had to try and escape before given a choice, in the Garden God gave humanity the choice from the beginning, we could stay under His guidance or we could take control and choose autonomy. As Truman did, which brought cheers from the audience, Adam and Eve chose to take control. Our values still celebrate this autonomy, this freedom. But our decision has not led to a safe haven, but a world of fear, embarrassment, and death… even slavery to sin. The call and gift of Christ is for a chance to return to the garden, to submit our life to the will of God and give Him control… do we even want the gift?

2 thoughts on “Our Show

  1. Nice article, Sean! I also read your article about death and dying. I didn’t realize that your grandmother was dying of cancer. Though it’s sad, I’m sure your grandmother is looking at this as a precious gift – the opportunity to visit family around the country and share her love and memories with them.

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