Church Monster… (2)

Church Monster 2

Our jello mold invitation was a success, though it took a few tries, and Greg came to Plunge last night! He told one of the funnest stories I have heard and if you missed it, you have to ask him about reindeer poo! Of course the point of the evening was not about poo, but about how the pastor can be an intimidating person. We often picture the pastor as a super spiritual person. Someone who knows God better than the rest of us. Like the old song, What if God was One of Us, which concludes with “nobody calling on the phone / ‘cept for the pope maybe in Rome”. We think of the pastor with a red phone on his desk, a direct line to God. RING RING… “hello… yes God, I’ll be sure to do that…”

In reality all have EQUAL access to the throne of God. When Jesus died on the cross the curtain separating the people from the holy of holies in the temple was torn in two (Luke 23:45)! This symbolized how the death of Jesus, His sacrifice, enabled all people to come before God. Not just the high priest, not just the pastor, but we all may draw close to the throne! The paster is just one of us, as the songs says, “a slob like one of us”, but Christ has solved the problems of the world. We don’t need to wait for the pastor, instead we all have the red phone – we all have a direct line to God!

Check out the church monsters below, click on each for a larger view…

 church-monster-bria.gif   Brianna   church-monster-dan.jpg   Daniel    church-monster-evan2.jpg   Evan

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