Star Chaser…


This, this is Christ the king. Whom Shepherds guard and angels sing…

  How ridiculous! In the twinkling of an eye a baby turns the world on its head. Those who are weak find themselves guards of the king, while the strong are regulated to the choir singing – only Stan or Keith could see this as sane.

  Through time the world rights itself, and in our maturity no one is delusional enough to chase stars. Now “in the twinkling” refers to Santa’s arrival…instead of a miracle the dream of Christmas is only the arrival of our presents.

  Where has the ridiculousness of the season moved? Where are the rich willing to transverse a desert? Where are the fools with nothing, yet willing to guard an unknown child?

  I received in the mail this past week the World Vision Christmas Catalog. Over the past few years rather than buy presents for each other, my family has pooled our money and purchased something for a child in need. During Plunge this month we will have the same opportunity, a chance to become shepherds and guard over a child whom we do not know. Our Dive Teams will compete against one another… you can hear all the details this Wednesday night at Plunge! 

Click here to view the World Vision Gift Catalog.    

One thought on “Star Chaser…

  1. Sean – great article. You hit the nail on the head. Christmas isn’t about our receiving gifts, but about the gift of Jesus available to all of us. I liked your World Vision idea and am planning to share that with our extended family.

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