Blue Sun…


“a funky high from a yellow sun” ~ Matchbox 20

Superman is the complete superhero (or uberman, for the comeback of existential german words…); literally, he has every ability. From super strength to laser eyes, no one can one up Superman. Yet his power comes from a surprising place. It is not from the typical evolution, radiation accident, or spider bite. Instead the super comes from our yellow sun. His home planet had a red sun, and when his parents shipped little Clark off to earth, well, the sun – which gives us tans and cancer – created a flying, bullet proof newspaper man!

As we head into the holidays, I wonder what would happen if we were to live under a new sun – if we could have a new perspective on life. What if we rejected the status qou? What if we lived radically and applied scripture? What if we read Matthew 25:31-46 and lived like we were serving Christ?… Right now the American church is dying, but what would happen if we lived selflessly?

This Christmas our dive teams are going to work to give selflessly. Each team is coming up with an idea to give to the poor and helpless. In another stride, just like every year the budget is going to buy t-shirts for the group. But this year they will not be free. Instead each shirt will cost 10 dollars, but every cent will go to feed the poor in Africa. My prayer is that these will be only the first steps…

If we want to become “super”, if we want to be Christ followers, we are going to have to reject the normal life… we are going to have live under a new son…

2 thoughts on “Blue Sun…

  1. I think that green would be a good color but, not like last year or on choir tour. I think a darker green would be best.

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