So last night my brain cells had melt down. In the picture you can see a detailed scan of the aftermath…You know, I would like to say this was because I was in some epic struggle with evil, but instead it was just stress-for that matter it was stress over a silly scavenger hunt. As I tried to recover this morning, Meg turned to me and said, “Sean, you have got to give your worries to Jesus!”

It is strange to come face to face with your own sinfulness. I know none of you would ever confuse with me with a saint, but still I am supposed to be your spiritual guide. Yet I don’t even live out simple passages, like Matthew 6:25-34. “Don’t worry about tomorrow”, Jesus commands and if I would let go of the reigns I could…

Please say a prayer for me and one for all of your ministers, that we can live what we preach! (Randomly the picture is actually from National Geographic and show the effects of Alzheimer’s on the brain… scary huh?)

One thought on “Meltdown…

  1. Sean-
    Wish I could help out Saturday night, I feel your pain.
    Two kids with pneumonia is bringing this mom to her knees.
    I read your newsletter religiously, I think it is great!
    Just wanted to let you know I appreciate all you do for the kids.
    Winnie Garrett

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