drop a load…


I recently had a conversation with Jeff, the youth minister a West Acres. You will know him as the guy who spoke at FindIT on Wednesday. It seems his youth group is in the middle of a transition and they are attempting to rename all of their programs and design a new logo. I told him about how we have a water theme with Flood and Plunge on Wednesday nights. I also mentioned our halo-plunger logo. He smiled and asked if we called our meeting place “the commode”. He suggested our slogan could be “dump a load”…

We laughed, but in a lot of ways that is a good description of the church. It should be a place where we can lay our problems and struggles at the feet of Christ… knowing He will take them away and bring us strength to stand. We should leave the church renewed to face the world!

The picture is from USA Today, it seems a Korean has built his house to look like a toilet bowl… and you thought I was crazy! (click on the pic to check out the article)

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