While we were in KC it snowed three times. The first time it began while we were in the movie theater and we walked out to sleeting flakes. Across the packed parking lot we moved slowly against the wind and were happy to find car… and unhappy to realize the lights were left on and the battery dead (thankfully Ivy was with Gran). So in the cold snow we unsuccessfully tried to jump the old battery and eventually got a ride across the street to Sears. Die Hard in hand we once again braved the cold snow, connected the battery and soon the car was warming our frozen limbs.

   Another snow fall began as we drove home from my grandparents. Right when we opened the car door Ivy began to chant “snow”, which sounds a lot like “no” since her “s” sound needs practice. I pulled her out of the car seat and we both looked up to the sky and began to catch snow flakes in our mouths. Ivy screamed with delight and dancing with her in the snow was one of my best times of our trip.

   It is strange how one moment something happens and it is a curse, but in another moment the same thing can become a blessing…  In truth the entire world faces this dilemma in Christ, who for some is a blessing, but others a curse. Often it is our situation in life which decides our path. Parents, sickness, failure, war, success, friends – all influence us and through them we choose or reject Christ. In this we must ask if our lives lead people to reject the name of Christ or do our lives cause people to dance in the joy of knowing Him?

One thought on “Perspective…

  1. How appropriate for the events occuring in the world today! The stark contrast of experiences that turn some people into positive change agents and others into extremists bent on creating terror and chaos in the world is blinding. Thank God that the light of his grace is a beacon for all persons no matter what their situation. I pray that we as individuals and as a community and country will be Christ, the blessing, to the world.

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