Mop Bucket Rollercoaster…


 For Ivy life is joy and in everything there is excitement. The box is just as wonderful as the toy-if it comes with peanuts the box is better! So as we slowly counted out the change from the mop bucket-I was irritated that banks would not count it for us-Ivy ran around the room in fascination. Soon after we emptied the change onto the table she discovered the bucket was the most wonderful object in the room. She pushed it all over the place. Then we helped her into the bucket and gave her rides around the room. She laughed and yelled with delight. Life was beautiful from inside a mop bucket…

  I must say you have proved beautiful things come from everywhere. Who would have guessed the 6th grade girls could raise 120 dollars with deserts for the Angel Tree or the 7th grade girls could buy 30 ornaments for the IHN family’s Christmas tree?! Who could have dreamed the Middle School group would bring over 200 dollars in change and raise over 400 through t-shirts to help feed Africa?!

 I thank you for giving in the true spirit of Christmas, giving to those who have nothing… giving gifts to Jesus himself!!!


The money was sent to World Vision’s Africa Food Aid, click here for more information.

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