Steroids for Christmas


It is strange to look at Roger Clemens, the once great pitcher, and see a steroid user. For a long time Barry Bonds was the face of steroids, but I could handle that because he is a jerk in every interview I have read. But Roger was always the nice guy-a role model… of course it seems a good portion of baseball was using drugs, but popularity doesn’t make it correct. And part of me wants to be angry. Their job was to play a game (and make millions), so how could they defame the sport, the fans, themselves? Then I read an article this morning and the author asked, if all you had to do was take a few drugs and work out to be a professional ball player, what would you do? Honestly, I would be tempted to take the drugs-I would love to be a baseball player (not to mention making a little more than a MS Minister!). And if all it took was steroids… In this desire we find the problem with humanity, the roots of our evil.

As we continue toward Christmas, I love the contrast of the opening lines of Luke 2. In one corner the most powerful man in the world is using force to move the people, but in another part of the world, in a tiny town, a poor couple finds themselves in a barn… The world looks at the goal and is willing to do anything-take drugs, use violence-to get there. The end justifies the means. But Christ’s whole life, even his birth, shows a new way. A way where self sacrifice turns the world upside down-a way that leads to the cross, but also the path to salvation.

t-shirt-a.jpg    420.jpg

The money we raised through t-shirts and the mop bucket change will go to World Vision’s Africa Food Aid. I have not even started to count the coins, but so far the shirt money is $420!!! Remember to bring your change and if you have not already gotten a shirt you can get one on Sunday. THIS SUNDAY IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!!! Click here for a link to the World Vision’s Africa Food Aid.

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