Pencil Topper…


In one of my most surprising Christmas gifts Aaron got me Jesus Pencil Toppers. The idea was funny and Jake Malone said it was appropriate to have a Jesus eraser since He erases our sin! (Of course over time it would become troubling as Jesus is slowly erased away-they are not actually erasers, so don’t worry!) And it was rather bold to have Jesus advertise on the back-his words even in red letters!

   It is amazing how much Jesus junk is for sale. Even select Wal-mart stores sell Jesus action figures which quote scripture. I am sure we will soon see a Jesus equipped with a whip and table turning arm action (check out John 2:13-25). And I wonder what does Jesus think of all this? I know he must be concerned that some big company is making money off His name. He also knows the Jesus Pencil Topper reveals the reality of human faith, because Jesus is often a decoration while we do our own work…but I hope a part of him laughs. I hope a real quote from Him would be hearty laughing at our ridiculousness. And God must laugh or the world would be far too depressing…

Check out the pastor’s blog to see what Aaron got Greg!!!

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