let it snow…


On Wednesday night snow fell from the sky during Plunge and pandemonium ensued! Students were literally dancing in the snow (or at least jumping to dodge snow balls). Of course only the cars received a light dusting, the ground was too warm and the snow became slush. Eventually even the sky gave up and snow turned to rain. Still, for a moment of falling flakes we were filled with joy.

   While I was in LA I read an article about Baghdad. We have all grown used to the depressing news flowing from that country, but this article was different. For the first time in memory snow fell in Baghdad! Not only children, but adults ran into the streets to see the flakes fall from the sky. Police officers, normally the targets of bombs, were laughing as they took pictures with their camera phones. “I always read about it and saw it on TV. I wanted a piece of it to fall on me, just to feel it.”  (Click here for the LA Times article.)

   Sometimes we read about the big world and wonder how we can relate. We see the chaos and lose hope. But a bit of snow wakes us to the reality that we are all much the same, all of us longing for salvation. The falling flakes awake our hearts to the knowledge we are not alone. There is hope, because our God is at work to bring peace.

Please offer a prayer for Iraq, that God may work a miracle!

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