Strange things are happening…

Keith’s Gift Pig

It is funny how things come together. On our BLOGsite you may have noticed a page titled “Ode to Keith” (see page bar above). This is of course a tribute to our fearless choir director. Now if you read the page you will discover a pig theme, which I created in an attempt at humor (I did ask him to write a song about hogs, meaning Harley’s, and those are the lyrics he gave me!!!). Then for Christmas this year Keith gave all the staff a pig and I remembered that he gave everyone pigs last year. At first I thought the gift may represent his feelings about us (lazy, dirty, and like a pig’s bacon, we only give others excess fat) – which seemed a little hateful. But when I asked Keith about pigs he confessed he loves the animals. He talked about their intelligence and how he would like one for a pet (a Christmas present for next year?). So, while I was trying to be humorous by putting pigs on Keith’s page I was actually decorating with his favorite animal…

Poverty Check out my CW broadcast! ~ When Greg needed a break I was able to deliver the contemporary television message!

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