Praying the Front Page

Praying the Front Page

Baby in Tennessee  CASTALIAN SPRINGS, Tenn. –  The muddy field was littered with debris after a wave of violent storms: Living room couches, strollers, children’s toys. So when two rescuers came upon a baby, they thought he was a doll. (Click on the picture to see the news story)

One of the things we did during D-now was to pray over articles found on the front page (if you missed D-Now, it is all explained below). I challenge all of you to continue to lift up the problems of this world. To help you get started today I have grabbed a story of a young child. In the aftermath of the violent tornado he was found alive in a field, a total miracle. Unfortunately his mom did not survive the storm and he is with his grandparents. Please take a moment to pray for this child, to pray for his development: physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Pray that he will experience the love of Jesus!

An Explanation (from the D-Now Bible Study):  In the aftermath of our country’s recent disasters, from September 11th to Katrina, the news will quote pastors who say God is bringing His judgment. “The sins of America brought down the towers.” It is true, we are a sinful nation, but I am not sure this is the judgment of God. And in answer to these comments a woman said that the destruction came not by the hand of God, rather it was the absence of His hand. Where are the people praying, she asked. If God’s people had asked then His hand would have moved to save…

   While in seminary a professor mentioned a group of nuns who had committed to praying for the front page. Everyday they would each take an article and pray that our Father would create a miracle, would bring light into the dark world. We all complain and lament the terror of the world. We cry about politics, we worry about the environment, we fear the terrorists; yet, how many of us are praying? This morning we are going to follow the example of the nuns and pray for the articles we find in the newspaper. Grab a page from your leader and choose some article to pray over-ask God to work a miracle!

Take some time to read Luke 18:1-8.

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