DNOW – Mall Hunt

Mall Hunt

On Saturday during the afternoon the Middle School group went into the mall on a picture scavanger hunt. Below I have written each task and presented the winning picture (somtimes there are honorable mentions). Click on the picture to enlarge!

  • Make a human pyramid beside the new outside fountain (between Dicks and McAlister’s):

TIED   7th-gg-pyramid.jpg   6th-gb-pyramid.jpg

The seventh grade girls were clever and the sixth grade boys showed surprising skill in building the biggest true pyramid of the middle school.

  • Find Something from one of the lessons…


The sixth grade girls had a lesson on how everyone in elementary classes get a valentine and this picture captures the reality. The seventh grade girls earned an honorable mention, but their photo of human bowling pins was blurry.

  • If you read the MS Newsletter or blog you know what is Keith’s favorite animal – Find one!


Keith loves pigs and every group found one in the mall, but the seventh grade girls were able to find a “creative” pig! The eighth grade guys would have an honorable mention with spider pig, but their photo was mysteriously lost.

  • Discover something that would honor the KC Royals…


The seventh grade girls found a fishing rod, so the Royals could fish for a victory! There was also two honorable mentions whose pictures were too blurry to include. The eighth grade boys took a picture of muscle building drinks in the health store and the sixth grade girls shot a photo of my last name, stating the team could use a few more Taylors. I assume they meant fans, not me as a player… I mean, I do try hard, but… 

  • Ezekiel 22:30 – Are you willing?…


“…who would build up the wall and stand in the gap…” – everyone else turned in pictures of the group standing in the Gap, but the seventh grade girls took a picture of Molly helping to rebuild the wall of shoes (the boy in red knocked them over).

  • Find a scary object…

TIED 6th-gb-scary.jpg    6th-gg-scary.jpg

I love the look on the sixth grade boys (and the shirt is scary, who buys that?). The sixth grade girls struck a gentlemen’s fear by standing in front of Jared’s wearing fake fifty carot rings…

  • To get a grip every car would like a new set of these…


All the other group just took pictures of tires, but the eighth grade girls talked the salesmen into the picture!

  • Find someone with a biblical name…

6th-gb-name.jpg       HM: 8th-gg-names.jpg    6th-gg-name.jpg  

The sixth grade boys won because they found Jeremiah and then took the photo with everyone in their group who also had a biblical name (Jacob, guy, Nathan, Daniel, Jacob, and Benjamin). The eighth grade girls were a close second with the two little boys, Matthew and Jacob. Then the sixth grade girls turned in a fantastic picture of David at the Master Wok.

  • Take a picture of a clock – not your own – which reads 4:00.


Great Picture and I am impressed the the sixth grade boys even found this clock (everyone else used the central clock or watches).

  • In the “sandlot” these will make you run faster and jump higher…


The eighth grade girls won because they had so many shoes in the shot. The sixth grade girls had a good try by taking a picture of Ivy’s foot, but were not awarded any extra points…

  • Where would Jesus go in the mall?

8th-gg-jesus.jpg      HM: 7th-gg-jesus.jpg

The eighth grade boys came back with an answer I could easily see being true, Jesus would go to the sick minds at Hot Topic (which includes many of the middle school!!!). The 7th grade girls went with the classic example and got into a canoe.

  • Famous for their music, they really don’t go away – just up and down.


Only the sixth grade boys took a picture from the outside of the elevator! 

  • There were two other tasks. One asked the group to buy me something for less than two dollars. They came back with everything from a nail file (?), to a letter from Ivy (imposters), and a snickers (tasty). The final task asked the groups to grab an application and fill it out as a Bible character. Most groups simply wrote the first few lines, but the sixth grade boys completed the entire form. They even outlined Moses’ work experience, from prince of Egypt to shepherd to liberator and included the reason he had to leave (murder, calling, death).

It was their final effort that propelled the sixth grade boys to the front of the hunt and enabled them to win the GOLDEN PLUNGER!!!


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