Plunge: Where is your focus?

Coming back from D-now into the “real” world we fall right back into routine and live as though D-Now did not happen. We run back to our friends and to our old ways. We think the life of D-Now is not possible in the real world, as though Christ can only be experienced on a retreat or at church. We become so caught up in our reality we do not even notice Christ is moving all around us! (Hence the video, when I first saw it I was so caught up in the cards I did not even notice the other changes!!!).

God is searching for people who will live the Christian life in the real world. He is searching for people who will join his work outside of the church. The question is whether any of us are willing to follow Jesus at school, in our families, with friends? Or is our group just like the passage in Ezekiel, where God searches and finds no one… (Check out Ezekiel 22:23-30; key verse 30).

If we are willing to follow Jesus in our everyday lives, we will find miracles are not impossible magic – but they are the movement of God through willing people! Stepping out in faith your life will become the truth of the gospel, the light of the world.

Where is your focus?

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