Testing the Water…

Neon Tetra

Last week I set up my fish aquarium in the office and within a few days six neon tetras were happily swimming. Or at least I thought they were happy… by D-now weekend all six had died. Now I know this makes you worried about Ivy’s safety (if I can’t keep fish alive, how can I keep a child healthy), but don’t worry Megan will protect our little girl!

   In reality the problem is not how I cared for the fish after they entered the tank, but what I did before they arrived. These little fish require a certain type of water, but I did not check the ph or make sure the nitrogen cycle was working. Instead I just dropped them into the water with some food…

   In the same way, I have been encouraging you to join the work of God in the world. Of course where is He, what is He doing? To find this out you need to ask Him. Look in the scriptures and pray for the Spirit to reveal the Word! When your heart is prepared, your steps will find the path of God and bring life to those around you! Go and SHINE!

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