Our Day to Own…

February 29th

“The Man”a-blank.png  Every four years a tragic event occurs in our lives-or at least in every salaried person’s life-because “the man” gets a day of our work for free! Our salaries are designed for the 365 day year, but the Leap Year has 366 days: meaning we work one extra day. This day is not built into our salaries, so it becomes a free day of work. This is outrageous, but we can not expect “the man” to offer us any compensation. Instead, we must take what is rightfully ours. There is no pay for the 29th, so there should be no work. Join with me in sticking it to “the man” and boycott your job. I declare the 29th of February to be a day of vacation and rest. A day we take from “the man”! A day the common people can own!

Our Day to Own
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2 thoughts on “Our Day to Own…

  1. Thanks to your admonition, Blue Duck Marketing has claimed the 29th as a free day. We will not work that day, and since we are contracted by the hour, we will definitely not be paid! Does it have the same meaning when the man sticks it to you at the same time you’re trying to stick it to him? If you’re self-employed, are you sticking it to yourself?

    As usual, your twisted advice has led to a dark and confusing place. Thanks a lot!

  2. Sean, I was just wondering how your stick it to the Man plan went yesterday? I’m really glad that all the people I encountered yesterday decided to go to work. These included my children’s teachers, store clerks, Cardiologists, Nurses, Cath Lab employees, Augusta Symphony members -all those people who help to educate my children, enrich our community and help my husband make a living. I have difficulty with sending such messge to middle school children at time when many are struggling with developing a good work ethic.

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