What are we REACHing for?

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As everybody knows I love The Office and in this episode Michael decides he is going to go on a wilderness survival retreat. As the clip reveals he only takes duct tape, a knife, and his Dunder Mifflin wits – which leaves him helpless. He wanders around in his suit with a bandana made out of his ripped pants and he is completely inept…

I think a lot of times we are like Michael in the woods when it comes to worship. We have no idea why we are singing songs – no idea how to connect with God! And it becomes blatantly evident when we begin to talk to our neighbor or walk back to bathroom…

In Matthew 17 Jesus leads the inner three, Peter, James, and John, up the mountain where He is transfigured before their eyes. It is an opportunity for worship and Peter declares he will build a shelter – but he misses the entire point. Worship is not a time to put down roots, a moment to hold onto, but it is a moment to listen to God. Which is exactly what the Father declares, “this is my Son, listen to Him!”

And then Jesus leads them back down the mountain to ministry. Which is exactly where worship should propel us. We should be driven to follow Jesus into the world and live for Him. there is no need for shelters on the mountain top, because the experience will drive us to ministry!

I challenge you to worship Jesus at Plunge and at Reach. Take the moment seriously and be respectful. Expect to hear a word from the Father and be propelled to change the world!!

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