Hungry for Toe Nails?

**Alert: This article is Incorrect – See Below 

Our Toe Nails

On Friday Megan and I trimmed our toe nails in an effort to catch a cockroach. We are not sure if there are cockroaches living in our house, but we knew there was only one way to tempt them out of their hiding places: fresh toe nail clippings. We knew this because as a little girl Megan’s dad taught her that roaches feed on just a few things, hair and toe nails. Which explains their affinity for the places we live! It also makes me wonder how sanitary is the local barber shop, since all that hair must attract millions of nasty roaches…

   Of course Megan and I did not catch a single roach and the reality is that they do not eat toe nails or hair. I imagine they actually live on fear, which is why they chase me around the house… but seriously growing up we hear all kinds of crazy things. Sometimes we don’t realize parents are joking, like in the case of the fatherly advice Megan received. Other times the phrase has been repeated so often everyone starts believing even though no one can explain why. This is often the case with things we hear around the church. Over the next few Wednesday nights we are going to look at some of the slogans we have heard and examine the truth behind them.

** As many of you now know through this morning’s children’s sermon my article is incorrect. When I actually decided to discover what cockroaches eat I found out that toenails are a viable foodsource for cockroaches (along with nearly everything else). Which once again proves my wife is correct and I am… well, at least I can admit when I am wrong.

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