Plunge ~ Miracles: Experience God

A clip from the movie Miracle: 

As the USA defeats USSR in the 1980 Olympics, the announcer asks, “Do you  believe in miracles?” Here in a nintendo remake the announcer asks the same…

Peace Like a RiverWith the newborn child lying still on the table the doctor explains how reasonably how sometimes the lungs won’t expand and we must trust  the Almighty… to which the fathers steps forward and “smotes” the doctor! With the doctor on the floor the father commands, “Reuben Land, in the name of the living God I am telling you to breathe.”

The narrator of the story is the child, so in these words we hear, feel the actions of God. We toss around the word “miracle” the author laments. From sunsets, to passing grades, to sports we declare the normal life a miracle, “as if we’ve been educated by greeting cards.” Yet the action of God springs forward and overwhelms…

When coming to worship we often think it is just about singing songs or hearing Sean ramble. We only expect the normal life, we only expect to be bored – as though God was boring! Yet, the worship experience should be a moment that is awesome, terrifying, moving, awakening – a miracle! WE SHOULD HEAR GOD SPEAK as we sing to Him. WE SHOULD HERE HIM PREACH as I ramble on… Worship should be a mircle that moves beyond a great catch or a beautiful nature scene – Worship should be an experience of the Almighty, a raising from the dead!

Unfortunately we often get what we expect…

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