Plunge: Overflow~The Benevolence of Easter


While Ivy was running around showing off her new Croc sandles from Mimi, I was getting ready to get into the shower. I started the water and then laid out clothes to wear, when Ivy called out to me from the bathroon. She looked scared, so I quickly picked her up only to realize she was all wet! “Did you get into the shower?” I asked her, to which she responded with a string of gibberish. I went to take her clothes off and called for Megan to pick out a new outfit (I only pick things out as a last resort, because people always think she dressed herself if I choose!). As Megan came, she continued to undress Ivy and then realized she was not wearing a diaper! – Now this sounds like another bumbling act of fatherhood, but amazingly Megan was the one who had changed Ivy!

Of course Ivy is not ready for life without a diaper! So when the time came to potty, well, she pottied (it was a good thing I was getting into the shower). In the same way I wonder if we are ready for deep Christianity? Can we move beyond milk to solid food when the most significant event of the year is about a basket carrying bunny?!

Contrary to the Veggie Tales song (below), I am not going to say the bunny is bad and we will give Ivy a basket this year. She is still just a toddler and I do not expect her faith to be mature. But you, as a middle school student, need to begin to move beyond the faith of a child. Just as in school you are accepting more responsibility; it is time for your faith in Christ to move deeper. To move beyond chasing carrots. The gift of Easter is not found in a basket but in a cross and a grave and a life that will not be held by the darkness of death.

If we are to have baskets they should be filled with gifts for others. This week as you prepare for Easter, consider how you may give gifts to others. As a specific challenge I ask you to give to our benevolence ministry through Can Wars.

The Bunny, the bunny, whoa I love the bunny
I don’t love my mom or my dad, just the bunny
The Bunny, the bunny, Yeah I love the bunny
I gave everything that I had for the bunny

The battle of Can Wars will run through April 20th. Click here to see the lastest results: Can Wars Tracker

Youth Camp


Youth Camp is June 22-27. We are going to Hiwassee College in Tennessee and Jeniffer Dake will be the speaker. Click here for her website or view a speaking clip in our vault.

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