Youth Camp

As we look toward the summer I want to give you a chance to check out our camp speaker. Her name is Jeniffer Dake (no I am not misspelling her name, it seems her parents wanted her to be unique). The first time we spoke she called on the phone and said, “Hey I am Jeniffer with the Nashville Speakers Bureau.” In my head I immediately thought salesperson and gave my standard response, “oh I am sorry I don’t have time to talk right now, maybe you can call the HS Minister Andy Jones…” She was a little taken aback and responded, “but I thought you wanted me to be your camp speaker this summer.” Alarm bells sounded in my head, “oh man, I have just spoke to the camp speaker like a old peddler…” and not knowing what else to do I schedule a time to talk the next day! Thankfully she just laughed when we spoke the following afternoon.

Check out Jeniffer’s website or listen to one of her messages in our video vault!

   Normally we have a guy speaker, so someone may ask why a lady? Over the next couple of weeks I am going to use this article to look at the issue of  women in the ministry… (Random: Yes, the pic is of Aaron.)

Check out the updated battle results: Can Wars Tracker

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