The Plunge Games

Veggie Target

I know that this week I promised to discuss women in the ministry, but an event of such glory has arisen I could not but tell the tale. The story begins with a simple game of veggie target, but soon the spit and blood had created an epic saga. Young Lucy was pitted against the menacing Jacob in a battle over a few cans for Can Wars (“Eye of the Tiger” begins to play). Jacob-quicker with a can opener-was soon spitting green beans, while Lucy struggled to pry the lid. Yet her heart rose above logic as she used her hand to pry the lid off the can-but as she pulled the sharp edge cut her index finger. With blood running down her finger I asked if I could find a replacement. Lesser souls would have faltered, but Lucy refused and sat down to begin spitting. Though Jacob had a large lead, Lucy was determined and when the bell sounded her box had many more beans than Jacob’s! Sweet Victory! (Unfortunately rather than take pictures I was getting the first aid kit!)


Patented Atom Bomba-blank.png  Fun History Facts: In the midst of the Manhattan Project-which would create the atomic bomb-everything was a secret. As scientists and engineers worked together they were forced to speak in code, “plutonium” became “copper”, the “bomb” was called a “gadget”. The separate facets of the project were kept in the dark about what the other groups were doing…

Yet, in the midst of the concealment the government was patenting every design. So while a brilliant scientist did not know everything, a patent writer was drawing detailed schematics in a language every engineer could understand (rather than codes)! Of course the patents were labeled “secret” when they arrived in the US Patent Office… I heard this on NPR, click here to go to the online article.




If you have not already heard, we will not have a Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser this year. Instead, for those who have need, we are going to sell coupon books. You can get more information by clicking here.

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