A Woman?

Jeniffer Dake

Recently Megan became facebook friends with an old acquaintance from college. They were not close during school, but Megan was happy to see she had three little boys. She also had a blog, so Megan began to read her articles. The first one was a long lament on the first sin in the garden of Eden. She grieved Eve’s choice to take the fruit, but it was the decision of Adam-to listen and obey his wife-that irritated her the most. She asked, how could a man listen to a woman? How could a woman command a man? …   

   Reading through the scripture it can be hard to discern the role of women in God’s plan. The Bible in some moments commands silence and submission, but then at other times women are raised to the front. Take time to read Matthew 28:1-10. With the most significant event of history, God choose women to become the first evangelists. The first to tell the good news that Jesus had risen from the dead. The choice of who is to bring the message of God is not about male or female, anymore than it is about black or white. Instead it is about who God has given the message!

   Jeniffer Dake-as you have already heard-is our camp speaker this summer. We choose her because of her messages on lifestyle evangelism-which is the subject God had put on my and Andy’s heart! It may seem strange to have girl as our camp speaker, but God gives messages to whom He pleases! ~    We will continue to look at women in the ministry next week and look directly at the ‘silence” passages!

Check out her website or listen to one of her messages in our video vault!



Random: This is Thursday night and the Royals just swept the Tigers! They are now 3-0… on the road to the World Series!!!


Remember we are in the middle of Can Wars!  Check out the updated battle results: Can Wars Tracker

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