Pong… Who are you Following?

Click on the Picture below to view the actual video and play the human pong game! (It will takes a long time to load… but you play pong as you wait!)

The Video was made by Nokia and based on their classic snake game – which grew as it ran into things. The sliding effect was not super computer animation – as I first suspected – but it was made using stop motion! This means the people would take a step, then they would take a picture, take a step, picture, step, picture, step…  impossibly long and tendious!

The image created is a great example of following the leader, everyone falls into step behind the man commanded to “GO” by cereal! In the same way society falls into step behind each other. Though we claim it is cool to be different, in reality we all want the same things, the things we are told we need! Take for example the cell phone, I have heard countless students upset with their parents because they can not have one (“I am the only one without a cell phone…”). It is like we are playing “Simon Says” and we will lose at life if we do not follow what society says!

To change tracks, Ivy has started singing songs. She especially loves the Barney song (which she does not watch – man, that crazy purple dino troubles me!). I am sure you know the words, but I only knew the first part and when I sang it with Ivy I confused the ending. It went like this, “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family, with a nik nak patty wak, give the dog a bone, this old man came rolling home.” Of course Ivy looked at me like I was crazy and Megan corrected me, but I realized the Barney Song was to the same tune as This Old Man! Later I realized Ivy’s bus song also used the same tune (“Stop and Go, stop and go, this old bus is way too slow… okay those words may be a little off).

Society is trying to teach us how to live life and it uses a familure tune, but it has changed the words. It promises to meet our needs, to makes us happy, but it uses a different method. It tries to make us think we must follow, but in reality Jesus is singing something else. His song that calls us to break with the lock step of society and run alongside God!

Let us sing the words of our creation, the words of heaven! Let us reject the world’s call of materialism and instead find the joy in serving God and others!

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