The Fiction of My Importance…

My friend Scott is an aspiring writer and one of his tales was chosen as a featured story (Click on the Pic). Ficlets is an internet site devoted to short stories. Each story is limited to a few hundred words, but you can write sequels. Scott’s story was a spoof on the television show 24, with kids acting as the main characters (Scott compared it to the Muppet Babies, which was based on Jim Henson’s Muppets). The kids go on this great adventure as though they are Jack Bauer and the rest of the 24 cast! 

During my favorite part one of the kids uses a syringe full of “truth serum” to get information, Scott writes, “Despite the fact that highly concentrated apple juice, not ‘truth serum’, was flowing through his veins, Frank Ritchey squealed like a canary. “And when I was in 5th grade, I stole …” (Randomly, people write comments and there was a big debate about the effects of apple juice injected into a vein…people take this way too seriously!)

The short story set up is great, but the sequels are not always written by the same person. In Scott’s story a guy with the screen name BARomero, wrote multiple sections! His sequels were still good, but if I was Scott it would drive me crazy to have someone else write part of MY story…

I am a control freak! Which roots itself in pride. I honestly think I can do a better job than others. I even think this in ministry, but in reality my abilities are not essential. God will use whoever is willing to submit to Him… so my pride will only get in the way!

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