Empty Potato…

In one of my favorite parts of the Toy Story series Mrs. Potato helps her “spud” prepare for the mission to save Woody by packing his angry eyes. Of course when the big moment comes for him to use the eyes he reaches back and pulls out his spare set of shoes! He charges the enemy… and keeps charging right on by!

   As we set out on mission I wonder if we are prepared. Do we even know how to handle ourselves if problems arise or are we just grasping for whatever “truth” we can reach (running around with shoes for eyes)? Worse, I wonder if we have even packed-are we striving off empty?

   Of course I am not talking about Mr. Potato Head, we do not have to search for our angry eyes, but I am talking about faith. As we journey to Pennsylvania-as we journey through life-is our faith strong enough to survive? Do we believe the promises of God enough to take action… or are we empty?

Check out Hebrews 11

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