Lost in Germany ~ Day Three


Today was crazy busy and we have now visited our third country! Considering a week ago I had never been outside the US I am making progress! We left Germany this morning and headed to Salzburg, Austria. With “the hills are alive” chanting in the background (and some of the boys gurgling mock “ahhhahahahah”) , we visited the church where the actual Von Trapps were married…

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Cesky Krumlov 

 Next we headed into the Czech Republic and the small town of Cesky Krumlov. There we had to pay to use the rest rooms, so Ian made sure he got his money’s worth… of course the town was again amazing, but it also presented the stark difference between the Old Soviet Bloc countries and the rest of Europe. Where everything seemed in perfect order in Germany and Austria, the difference entering into Czech was apparent (do not think I am saying it was poverty stricken, it is not like parts of Africa, but it might be compared to a rich and poor county in the US – moving from one to the other is a radical shift).

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Ceske Budejovice

Arriving in the final town the choir headed into the town square and began to sing! After the song a small crowd began to gather, a dad with his child on his shoulders, skate boarding teenagers, an older gentleman… I have wondered what separates us from Europe, where churches are often considered buildings and museums rather than gatherings of believers??? Many say we are headed in the direction of Europe and I wonder what will stave that off? I doubt it will be a defense locked in buildings, but I image it will look like our choir singing in the town square…

Random: Our hotel is the second photo, built in 1533! Amazing!

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8 thoughts on “Lost in Germany ~ Day Three

  1. We love the pictures. I know you are having the times of your lives. We miss y’all and and are praying for you. Hugs and kisses to Cal from his family. Enjoy every minute and keep praising the One who sent you!

    Pam, Allan, & Laurel Thomas
    Granny Kathleen

  2. Is Darien and Linsey with you? Haven’t seen them! Let me take that back. I’ve seen the back of a head or a arm. Could I get a picture. Thanks for the pictures it has really been a lot of fun keeping up with ya’ll. Don’t have to much fun and think of us who are here. Have a good one.

  3. Great pictures! Looks like you all are having a GREAT time…Next time I think your assistant needs to come along…Tell Keith I’ll be happy to carry his things.

  4. Wonderful pictures and text! Thank you for the updates. Tell Ian I’m glad he is “spending a penny” wisely. Love to Ian and Jillian, and to all of you. Take care. It’s lonely on the home front. Heidi says hi! Dad.

  5. Hey guys,

    Just wondering if Linsey and Darien are still with the group, haven’t seen any pictures of them. Great job on the pictures. We have enjoyed getting the updates every day. Can’t wait to see all of them. Be safe.

  6. Greatly appreciate the pictures/blog,…keep ’em coming! Please tell Burrito and Linsey that we love and miss them. derek

  7. Glad to see both my children are alive and well—and soooo rich!!!!! Glad ya’ll are having a great trip–may the phenergan remain under lock and key! We love you Will and Savannah–somehow managing to console ourselves in your absence—mostly with good food!! LYMIRR!

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