Lost in Germany ~ Day Four


We drove to Prague this morning and while I had considered the Czech Republic depressed yestered, we found capitalism alive and well in the city of Prague. As we drove into the city nearly every building was brand new and bore the label of a major company (HP, DELL, Sony, GE…). Of course the city is not entirely new and we where able to tour the old town square, the castle, and the cathedrial of St. Vitus. All of which were built many years ago, the cathedrial beginning the 15th Century!

In the Czech they use the Koruna for currancy and it’s value startled the students. Rather than ten Euros they were now paying well over 100 for lunch. Of course it did made Will look impressive with his 1000 Koruna bill! And when we found a grocery store near the hotel selling liter bottles of coke for only 28 Korunas there was a made rush to buy!

To Help the page open I am placing the pictures on a new page, click below!

[rockyou id=118939467&w=500&h=376]

*** Tomorrow the conference will begin and we will be returning late every night. Which means I will probably not blog every night.

4 thoughts on “Lost in Germany ~ Day Four

  1. Sean — Thanks so much for the updates and photos. It’s great to share in the experience. Tell Becca “hello” for us. We send her our hugs and kisses. I’m jealous that you went to Salzburg. I went there many years ago and it was my favorite! The hills are alive …. 🙂 Tell Becca that Perky says “hi”.

  2. Thanks Sean and Andy. Pictures are geat! You need, however, more pictures of Nicole (in my totally unbiased opinion.) I pray God continues to bless y’all’s trip. Love y’all. Steve

    P.S. I don’t have a url so that I could post a comment on Andy’s blog. What’s up with needing a blog to post a comment over there?

  3. Thank you Sean for the great web site and pictures. It is so good to see everyone having such a great time. This is a chance of a lifetime. I pray that you all have the greatest experience and know that God is watching over you and walking each step with you. Love to all, especially Marianne and Christopher. Mary Ann

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