“I made it and I like it” ~ Jeniffer Dake’s godson while refusing to have his diaper changed

   A word on the shirts: Coming out of a camp where half of us found ourselves hugging the porcelain throne, Andy and I knew we needed to handle the situation with the utmost care and respect. Of course in youth ministry there is no greater form of respect than canonizing through a t-shirt. So, we have made both well and sick shirts (since both parties deserved to be celebrated!). On the well shirt is a hand sanitizer-modeled after the bottles in which we bathed ourselves. On the sick shirt is a splat-modeled after the… well you know. On the back of each shirt is the quote from Jeniffer’s godson. We tried to personify the letter “I”, so those who made it look one way, while those who did not aim towards the toilet (Random: the word toilet, begins with “toil”)! Also, according to Alex, the o8 on the front of the shirt is designed to look like our poor cells that norovirus assaulted!

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