Plunge ~ Walking Blind…

Hey Folks. I always blog a summary of the Plunge lesson and normally I have it posted by Thursday morning (Wednesday if I am really on the ball… unfortunately the ball is normally rolling away from me!). Of course this week things have been up in the air, so forgive me for posting so late!

Early in his book Ezekiel had a vision the glory of God coming in power God to destroy. Now, in chapter 43, he again sees the glory of God coming from the EAST. “The vision I saw was like the vision I had seen when He came to destroy…” (43:3). But God is not coming to destroy, insteed He is coming to redeem. To save! [On a side note, I often envision God as powerful in destruction and gentle in salvation, but He comes in awesome power to save us – and as Ezekiel, even in salvation, we will find ourselves “facedown”.]

As many of you know Plunge is based on Ezekiel 47:1-12. Even if you have read it, click here to reread the powerful passage! In the passage Ezekiel finds that the pumbling has backed up in the Temple and the building is literally flooding. Out the door flows a trickle, which grows and eventually becomes a river! A key to the story is the river flows EAST. In the pathway that the glory of God blazed the river flows.

Of course the river is not actual water, but a vision of the Spirit of God. A vision of the people of God empowered by His Spirit. In same way we should pour our of the church and walk in the footsteps of Jesus!

Unfortunately, many of us are complaciate. Proclaiming Jesus in church, but blindly following the world we walk out the doors. This became a stark reality while in Germany with the High School Choir. Of course many have read the blog, so I will not rehash the entire illustration (click here if you would like to read it). Standing in the concentration camp it amazed me how these could happen. How the town’s people could look the other way, but how often we are consumed with our own lives while evil happens around us. We do not defend the nerd when people make fun of them. We are not concerned when the homework is copied by all or test. And often we blindly follow the crowd, joining in the acts.

But our call is to join flow of God. To walk the path of Christ. To not blidly follow, but with eyes wide open to evision the glory of God transforming the world. Even if it leaves us overwhelmed, “facedown”.

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