“More Swimming” ~ Ivy (pronounced “simm’n”)

    Over the past couple of days Ivy discovered the Olympics, and now nearly every moment, Ivy asks to watch swimming. She loves the races and splashing water. This morning Ivy was crying for “more swimming, daddy”, thankfully last night Megan taped the Women’s Individual Gymnastics to watch this morning. She thought Ivy would enjoy the ladies’ jumps and twists, but Ivy only cried “more swimming”!

   It is strange the things that consume our lives. Though we are not in tears over the lack of swimming on television, our lives are often upset by the smallest of problems. A snide remark, a parent saying “no”, a cancelled event, no one noticing our achievement… we find ourselves consumed with these details, thinking about them every moment. Getting angry (conjuring up come back responses in the shower-even having make believe conversations). And yet we rarely notice events happening in others’ lives. We cry for ourselves, but rarely ever for even a friend’s suffering!

   Michael Phelps has dominated this year’s Olympic swimming (at this point 6 gold medals). And after each win they show his mom celebrating, but Megan asked, “Where is his dad?” Of course this is really not any of our business, but beneath the surface in many of our close relationships is true pain and suffering (like absent dads). To dive deeper we must look beyond our own lives and seek to minister to the pain of our friends and family. Then we will find true community-something which will be worth crying “more”.


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One thought on “More…

  1. Sean,

    I was wondering the same thing as Megan so I googled his dad. I found out:

    – Michael’s parents divorced before he was 10. He hasn’t had much of a relationship with his father.
    – One of Michael’s sisters has commented that Michael started swimming as a way to get out of the house and away from the yelling.
    – Michael’s dad ( Fred ) was a Maryland state trooper.
    – Fred was at the games in Athens.
    – Someone from the Baltimore Sun tried to get an interview with Fred this week but he declined saying it might take attention away from Michael’s accomplishments.

    Michael has truly accomplished something either because of or in spite of his pain and suffering. Winning eight gold medals in one Olympics has changed his life forever. We should pray that he makes good choices in the coming months so that his will continue to be a positive story.

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