Plunge: Transformed…

REMINDER: The parent meeting is this Sunday morning during Sunday School. At 9:45 meet in your student’s room on the second floor of the Walton Bldg (MS in the Harbor, 9/10 in the Loft, 11/12 in the Spot). Afterward Andy and I will gather everyone in the Harbor to outline the year’s events.

In the aftermath of eight gold medals everyone is fascinated by Michael Phelps, to the point people are even trying to imitate his diet! You can check out the video below or click here to go to the news article on the breakfast of THE champion!

When all the food it set on the table it sure looks appetizing. Especially the chocolate chip pancakes, but within a few minutes everything changes… Isn’t amazing how we can not even eat like champions. Phelps burns so many calories it literally does not matter how much fat or sugar he consumes because his “routine” will burn everything up! Of course our (or at least my) routine wouldn’t even burn up his breakfast! Our love handles would quickly become inner tubes and our veins filled with sludge!

As many of you know, my little brother is in Mexico. I mentioned this story before, but it is worth retelling. On one of the first homes they were building things were not going perfectly and Jacob was feeling down. Jonathan, one of the translators, asked Jacob what he was good at. Looking at the house it was obvious he was not a master carpenter. So Jacob rambled about a few things on the way mentioning he knew a lot about the Bible. To this Jonathan got excited and said he had never read the Bible before and asked if Jacob would be willing to read it with him that night… then the next night… then he invited a friend…

When we pick up scripture it looks good. But when we dive in we find ourselves tired after a few moments. Bored out of our minds. Of course scripture is anything but boring, we have just trained our Spirits to only recieve a little on Sunday and a little more on Wednesday. Yet if we began to live out the words of the Bible we would find ourselves desparate for more. Like Phelps needs to more calories, we would find ourselves hungry for a chapter more of John…

Ezekiel 47:1-12

 Wherever the river flows the land is transformed. Along the banks grow trees which bear fruit in every season. Within the river fish of every kind live. Nothing is the same again.

At Fort Discovery they pull out a simple steel wool pad and a nine volt battery. When they touch the battery to the wool it begins to light on fire. The electric current travels so quickly through the steel it creates massive amounts of heat which cause the steel to combust! In our own lives, the Spirit of God should flow through us to the point that we are completely changed. We should not stumble through life like everyone else, instead we should blaze a path – the path trod before us by the risen savior, Christ the Lord!


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