Welcome Parents…

REMINDER: The parent meeting is this Sunday morning during Sunday School. At 9:45 meet in your student’s room on the second floor of the Walton Bldg (MS in the Harbor, 9/10 in the Loft, 11/12 in the Spot). Afterward Andy and I will gather everyone in the Harbor to outline the year’s events.

On Thursday Intel demonstrated a new invention which is able to WIRELESSLY power a light bulb! A series of charged coils create an electromagnetic field, which transmits power across space to another coil which powers the light bulb. Amazingly only 25% of the power was lost in the three foot transmission to the light bulb (a similar amount is lost with the power pack on a laptop). The hope is to eliminate all cords and wirelessly charge cell phones, power lamps… (Click here for details on Intel’s demonstration)

   As you know, raising children is about cutting cords. This begins quite literally in moments after birth, but symbolically it continues throughout life as your child grows. From the first time you leave them at Mother’s Day Out, to the day you let them ride their bike without you around the neighbor…  but though cords have been cut and your child begins to make more and more decisions, you are still a power in their lives. As your student enters MS, HS, and eventually college they will blaze their own trail. Yet, your example and mentoring will aid them to make decisions. They will see what you value and find themselves valuing the same (for better or worse)! Your prayers will bring the power of God into their lives…

   Then in their twenties-just as you did with your parents-they will realize your wisdom and thank you for the power unseen!

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