Plunge ~ I AM the Gate

Surprisingly there is a world champship for Rock Paper Scissors. On the offical game website (click the pic) there are also stratigies for winning. The avalanch throws three straight rocks, the paper dolls throws paper then two scissors… I am constantly startled by what people will spend hours studying and planning to achieve. Honestly it is rock paper scissors – do you think a strategy matters! But still people plan (and win trophies and money). Yet when it comes to God many of us just show up and hope for the best (like I play RPS). We come to church having not planned or thought about God since the last time we were there.

In John 10 Jesus turns to the illustration of the shepherd. He declares the sheep will only follow the voice of the shepherd. The whole passage centers on this idea of the shepherd guiding the sheep. And Jesus declares, “I am the good shepherd”, but in the middle of this passage Jesus changes anaolgies, stating, “I am the gate, whoever enters through me will be saved.”

This abrupt change is discouraged by all English teachers, but Jesus is making a point. You can not continue as the same person, but must leave behind the past to join Jesus’ flock. This transition is not one of looks or clothing. You can not grow a “Jesus Beard” and expect to find the kingdom of God (randomly the picture is a close up of the beard I am growing… crazy). Instead the issue is a decision of the heart. Even a soul change!

Over the coming weeks we will focus on following the shepherd, but the first step is to walk through the gate. How? As simple as abc. You must first admit you are in need of a savior, believe that Jesus is salvation (is the gate), and commit your life to follow him.

If you have not made this decision. Shot me an email, talk to your Dive Team Leader or SS Teacher, ask your parents… The kingdom is not made up of people who randomly arrive, but those who have decided to follow Christ as their savior (because they can not do it themselves).

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