It was interesting when I did a search of clipart for “change” up popped windmills and sunflowers growing out of gas tanks… I of course was looking for pocket change, like dimes or pennies, to use as an image for the mop bucket. But change does bring the unexpected, things we could not have foreseen. So many of us resist change.

  Last night Ivy woke up in the middle of the night. I came out of my sleepy stupor and heard her softly crying. So I got up quickly and went to her room. “I’m all wet.” (Her soft crying breaks my heart, “Ivy call for daddy and I will come to help!!!” … I imagine this is how the Father feels when we struggle alone. He too will come to help.) She has not wet the bed in months, but I pulled her clothes off and the sheets. Megan came and helped. I held Ivy tight and told her everything must be washed and I started to put on new clothes. But she started to cry uncontrollably, “No, wash!” She wanted to wear her old clothes and continued to cry as I put on the sheets… She did not want change.

  Right now the world around us is spinning and in labor pains that will lead to significant change. This is scary. We want change that can fit in our pockets. Nothing that will shake our lives up… but it is during these times that we do not need to struggle alone. The God of heaven wants to give us the power to carry through the world’s chaos. Not to fix all the problems, but to give a new source of worth. True energy independence! The question becomes will we call out to Him?…


   Remember to bring your change for the bucket!

   Let’s work to fill it up and fulfill Jay’s charge to “clean up hunger”!!!


Check out the new poll and vote whether Megan and I are going to have a boy or girl…

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