Plunge: I AM the light…

John 8:12-20

This morning as I was about to walk out the door there was a big BOOM from the bedroom. I ran back and asked Megan what happened, but she only pointed to the bathroom. When I opened the door there was nothing amise until I tried to turn on the water. Only a faint trickle flowed… I immediately worried a pipe had burst. Of course the weather was changing, but it was not cold enough to freeze the pipes (does it ever get that cold in Augusta?). Still, I grabbed the flashlight and headed under the house – always my favorite thing to do (at least the camel crickets have migrated to their winter homes!).

Opening the door I half expected to see water pouring out of a pipe, but there was nothing. Still, I went in deeper for a look. But all the pipes appeared fine, but as I got about halfway across I noticed something else. A pile of poop was sitting on the floor and then there was more. My first thought was that I was not alone and I scanned the flashlight half expecting to see it reveal eyes looking hungrily upon me…

Over the past couple of weeks we have been talking about making the decision to follow Christ. At times when you look at the Baptist church it can appear salvation is a few rituals to perform- and from the Dive Team conversations it would appear we also focus on the rituals (By rituals I mean the symbolic actions that come when we make the decision). It is as though we just need to get a few puzzle pieces in place and we will obtain salvatoin. If you walk down the aisle, prayer THE prayer, get baptised, and confess that “Jesus is Lord”, then you will have put together the four piece puzzle of salvation!!!

Of course all these rituals are just symbols of what is happening in our lives. We walk down the aisle to symbolize leaving the old life behind to meet Christ at the alter. We vocalize a prayer to echo the cry already in our hearts. We are baptized to join with Christ in his death and ressurection. We profess “Jesus is Lord” to reveal the testimony of the rest of our life!

But if we only walk through the steps and our life is unaffected then what is it worth? When I found myself under the house I was no where near the real cause of the water outage (a main bust down the street). In the same way, the rituals of church are not the real cause of salvation. Instead God has institigated a soul change that will lead to a changed life. A life that declares not only once, but every moment, that Jesus is Lord! In this testimony, daily given in word and deed, the saved life is revealed!

Beginning with Molly Knight’s testimony tonight, we are going to have an eighth grader reveal what God is doing in thier life every week. Next week will be Aaron DeLoach and the following week will be Laurel Thomas. If you get a chance congratulate Molly on being the first and doing a great job. If you missed it ask her to share with you – it is the revelation of God’s salvation in her life!

6 thoughts on “Plunge: I AM the light…

  1. Jacob the Man: that is an Important question I should have answered… a main down the street burst. I am not sure what caused the loud sound – maybe the loss of pressure? It is an old house. Thanks for asking.

  2. I hope it is not a “who”, but a “what”… unless you are going to confess! But I imagine the poop came from a cat or a large swamp rat or a genetically altered breaded dragon…

  3. A “breaded” dragon? Sounds like something you get from a fancy reastaurant. It looks like it came from a “bearded” dragon though.

  4. Surprisingly you are correct, the breaded dragon is a delicacy in Asia where the whole Gila monster is deep fried KFC style. Unfortunately the heat of the oil causes the bowels to discharge… of course this is a lie to cover up for my inability to either type or spell… “Fancy restaurant” is the Best comment I have ever gotten… hilarious! Thanks, Jacob!

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