What color are grapes?…

I have been doing the grocery shopping since Meg has not been feeling well and I have discovered a few things. First there are a TON of food choices (hence it takes me twice as long as Megan). Second there are many colors of grapes-on Thursday I bought black-but no purple grapes… the very color grapes are supposed to be!!!

   In our country the issue of color goes beyond grapes. This summer-a story you have already heard-we witnessed a cell phone come flying off the superman ride at 6 Flags. Thankfully it smashed into the ground and everyone ran over to check out the remains. A big black man picked it up and amazingly it was still intact! Then the man walked off with the phone. We debated what to do and Ian announced how this was one of those times where the right thing isn’t easy… He was right, so I went and  confronted the man (Chris Showman had my back). 

   I believe the man was taking the phone (his conversation with his friend proved it), but looking back I wonder if I would have automatically suspected him if he was a well dressed white guy…???

   With the coming election there has been a lot of talk about race and I recently took an online test. It revealed what I already suspected: I prefer white people. I am not a racist in a Hitler white hood sense-I am friends with black people. But a legacy of sin still lives in my life. It is easier for me to accept a white person and this should not be! I should not judge black people, poor people, uneducated… I should accept all with the preemptive love of Christ!

If you would like to the take the test click here. You will have to click through a few pages and select the “Race IAT”. I found the test while reading an interesting NY Times article, click here if you would like to read the column.

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