Plunge: I am the bread…

Ok, this should have come out last week… sorry…


John 6:26-40

 Before I was born my mom was working at a department store. She got off work late one night and went out to her car. She started it up, put it into reverse and pulled out of the parking place. But when she tried to put the car back into drive something happened and the transmission remained stuck in reverse. Of course panick set in and she called my dad. When he arrived it could not be fixed there, so he drove the car home in reverse. No not down the interstate, but side streets. Backward all the way home…

pomegranate 2For many of us our faith is backwards. We think God is hear to provide for our needs, to serve us… yet we have missed the big picture. Just as you may not have realised the top image was a shot of Keith promeganate juice (see right). Accepting Jesus was our Savior does not happen if we are only looking for a ticket to heaven. To commit to serving Him as He is! I AM!

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