Plunge: I am the vine…

 Plunge I AM the vine

John 15:1-17

We began the evening playing a game called Keinga, a combination of Keith and Jenga…

Keinga-a       Keinga-b

The group was divided into two groups and asked questions about Mr. Keith. If they got the answer wrong then the team had to take a Jenga block. If they got it right then the game moved onto the next team and question…


To this question, “Who is Mr. Keith’s favorite minister?” The first team responds, “Himself”! The correct answer was me (Sean).


 I have chopped down multiple trees in my backyard. Nothing very large, but they were growing literally through the fence – pulling it up. I suppose this makes me less of an environmentalist… These are the first trees I have ever cut down and so it has been a learning experience. The very first tree I chopped down I approached like a game of Jenga. When you pull a block from the right side the tower falls right. I wanted the tree to fall into my backyard, so I cut into the side facing my backyard. Of course, as I am sure you know, a tree falls away from the cut… so I was left watching a tree fall directly into my neighbor’s…

  We often treat the vine of God (both the church and our own Christian walk) as though it was Jenga. We will find blocks, things we have seen others doing or our own dreams, and build up the tower. Stacking higher and higher. We step back and admire all the accomplishments of our ideas. How tall the tower has become and YET NONE OF THE BLOCKS ARE ALIVE… The vine of God grows whever He wills. It is not our own thoughts or dreams that are built, but the will of God’s love flows through us and grows us to a new reality.

  I challenge you to think about your life and our church. What are the Jenga blocks – elements you have placed. These things are often declared good, but only serve ourselves. Pray that the church may break free of selfishness and drink the loving will of God. Pray that we will allow towers to tumble and join the growth of the vine!

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