On Thursday a package arrived I had been expecting-books for DEEPend. But when I opened the package I found Spanish DVDs inside. The order slip was from and addressed to someone in Michigan! I again checked the outside of the box, but it bore my name and Amazon…


We do not always receive what we expect. A recent news story and radio topic (with “knightly” calls in from Amelia) has involved an Evan’s High student. After a hunting trip he left his rifle in his truck, forgetting about the weapon he drove to school. While at school the police came for a random search, but with integrity he turned himself into the principal. His act of honesty was received by a zero tolerance policy that gave him OSS, sent him to alternative school, kicked him off the football team, and could take his driver’s license for one year…

   In our culture it is hard to see the value of doing right when there is no reward. We expect good deeds to open good things. But as you grow up you will discover evil often produces success and a good work places you at the bottom… so in the case of the Evan’s student many have responded that he should NOT have been honest. An editorial in the Chronicle wrote, “No one could blame him if he keeps his mouth shut the next time.” (Click here for the article)

   Our decision to follow Christ, is not one based on rewards. We live in a land where sin produces wealth and fame. Where one can become rich by creating an economic crisis… Yet, the call of Christ must move us to forsake the world’s rewards in order to gain the reward of knowing Him. Following God should bring blessings but instead it will create difficulties. Of course the one who lived perfectly was rewarded with death. ~ May we follow him, even to the cross!

[On the student, some have suggested he deserved no punishment. Honesty does not take away the deed. Still, I wonder if the punishment could have been lighter…]

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