The gutter…

Barack Obama Sneakers

The political race is not a marathon of ideas, but a race into the gutter. Both sides, liberal and conservative and everyone in between, hurl insults. Insults that are fabrications of the truth… sometimes nothing more than lies.

Last week Aaron DeLoach gave his testimony. This was the day after the election and he proudly wore his Obama shirt. The whole night people hurled insults at Aaron. “How can you support a terrorist?” “Obama is the Anti-Christ!”… Before we moved into worship I lead the students in a prayer time. I called them to set politics aside and pray for the country. Pray for the divisions, that the love of Christ may come in. I asked them to pray for our elected president, Barack Obama. I then said this heinous statement, “God loves Barack Obama” and students literally scoffed…

Has the political division come so far that the love of Christ can not bridge the gap?! It is utterly RIDICULOUS that a student, who is adored one week would be mocked the next. It is fine and good to disagree, but it is NEVER ok to deny the love of Christ! We are all sinners bound for HELL, saved by the sacrifice of God… who did not die for you alone… or only your party…

The students have not learned to hate by themselves. When it comes to politics students – at this age – are nearly always products of theirs parents (I have not meet an exception). Understand, it has become an issue of the Kingdom of God when students no longer believe Jesus could love a person…

God loves Obama and Biden. God loves McCain and Palin. God loves Putin. God loves Ahmadinejad. God loves… this is all the hope the world has and if Christian deny it there will nothing left…

One thought on “The gutter…

  1. Sean,
    Please keep reinforcing that message – “God Loves Barack Obama”. He’ll need all the prayers he can get. This will probably be the first presidential election ever when the WINNER will be asking for a recount.
    All of us need to be reminded that it’s ok to respect the person in a position and at the same time object to their opinion on an issue. Political division will only get worse if we can’t take this to heart.
    FBC Parent

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