Yankee Hate…

  I hate the Yankees!

Yankee Hater

  Yesterday it was announced that they have signed Mark Teixeira, the former Brave, to a six year 180 MILLION dollar contract. This is on top of pitchers CC Sabathia (7y/161m) and AJ Burnett (5y/82.5m) who they signed earlier this year. Not to mention those already on board, like A-rod (10y/275m) or Jeter (10y/189m). Their team salary will once again be more than 200 million… over double the league average-over triple the KC Royals…

  MAN, I Hate the Yankees! But when I told Megan she questioned if I should “hate” any group. Of course I do not necessarily hate the actual people. Derrick Jeter is Ok. I can respect A-rod as a ballplayer (though he is a crusty husband). And George Steinbrenner is… well…

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