After Party

Christmas break may be over but the party is about to begin… chick-fil-a, skits, Alex Doriot games, inflatables like wrecking ball, and an I-POD TOUCH giveaway…

7pm ~ Evans High School Commons


Paint Ball Lessons Two Grand...

This past Sunday I delivered the message in contemporary service. It called us out of distraction-feeling good when compared to those around-towards becoming star chasers (the wise guys were my basis). At the end I gave two specific challenges. One was to clean up after ourselves-bulletins and sucker straws are all over the place. The second was a call to give to benevolence, which our church left without funds for three weeks this year (and the year before, nearly every year).

  The morning after a single mom came into the church and dropped off a sizable check. She told Wanda how she was convicted by the message in contemporary. Wanda, who had also heard the message, was excited and immediately came and found me. Of course I was happy (and a little startled that anyone would respond), but when I looked at the amount on the check and heard it was a single mom I started to waver. My message was not for the Widow’s Mite… I wanted the wealthy to give out of their excess… I did not want anyone to risk…

   Oh you of little faith…

   It is strange how risk free my faith is. Of course at times I have risked a lot to follow Christ, but often I place my trust in all the wrong places. So when I see sacrifice I get a little nervous. I forget that God’s plan is bigger-riskier-than anything I can imagine. When I hoped for us all to give a little or maybe the well off to give out of their excess, God had a plan to use the one willing TO RISK…

   May we all have the faith to join in God’s Plan!


Don’t forget Jep’s Question from last week… Which is the next blog article. So far we only have four votes and the only person to leave a comment is Jep himself…

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