Stress 24:14



Watching sports makes me nervous… and I wonder what this says about me, because it is half-time of the  Oklahoma-Florida National Championship and I am stressed. Of course Meg is from Oklahoma, so I am supporting her team. But really I am not that invested, since normally I root against the Sooners (while they repeatedly annihilate Missouri).

   Still, twice OK – horrible initials, neither good nor bad – has had the ball inside the ten and been stopped. Once fourth and one, then an interception with only a few seconds left. Seriously, I am going to have an attack! Could you imagine what would happen if the Royals ever made it to the playoffs – or worse the World Series… my heart would explode!

   Two theories: Cheering for perennial losers has left me unable to cope with the stress of success. Or for my own sake I have decided to root for a team that will never win – so my heart will not explode…

   Anyhow, to be safe, I am going to bed (Tell me who won on Sunday!). And I am pretty sure it is my first theory, because I think this may be the Royal’s year (hey, look at the Falcons!)

On a more important note…

I heard from Jeremy, who is my missionary friend in Iraq. He  thanked us for the donation we raised through the Plunge t-shirts. Plus, he was able to let us know that our funds are going to help a teenager named Kadeeja. I will try to keep you updated on all that happens: when she travels, the date of her surgery, and the details of her recovery!




One thought on “Stress 24:14

  1. Sean – I think perpetually losing does make you ill-prepared for the stress of success. As long as my Aggies were a horrible basketball team (which was every year before the last couple of seasons), I was never stressed during basketball season. There was no tension whatsoever – we were going to lose. Now that we’ve been to the NCAA two seasons in a row – stress all over the place. I can barely even watch the games. To help me out, the football team’s tanked. I don’t get stressed in their games now.

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